Independent voters have helped transform California from partisan dysfunction to a government doing the people's business. It took us nearly a decade to win the Top Two Nonpartisan Primary and Redistricting Reforms. We went to the ballot five times - winning the last three campaigns. Every political party opposed us. The pundits said we never had a chance.

And yet we won.

Our reforms took the power to run our elections away from the political parties and gave it back to all the voters. The results have been dramatic.

Wouldn't it be nice if that's all we had to do? If we could just call it a day and the rest of the country - especially Washington DC - would just fix itself? 

We've won critical battles here in California, but the larger fight for the soul of American democracy is still to be won. The national pundits tell us we don't have a chance. The political parties all oppose us. Sound familiar?

Once again we need your help - this time on a bigger stage. We've got an incredible success story to tell the American people. It's a story of how independent voters fighting for reforms transformed California. It's a story about how we can transform America.

Please help us tell the California story across the country. Please help us rally the 42% of Americans who are fed up and looking for solutions to our cause. Please give generously to taking back our government for the people.